Travel Tips


Pack your sunscreen! It feels like summer year-round with an average temperature of 74 degrees. The weather is mild and even in January, its coldest month,  the average low is 67 degrees.

Learn some local geography and culture: Mayans and Aztecs are not “the same people.

The beaches and night life are great and all, but it’s not officially a Mexican vacation unless you have been to at least 3 Mayan archaeological sites to gain a better understanding of this amazing ancient civilisation.

Money matters! Carrying Mexican pesos on hand is important especially if you intend to use public transportation.

Looking to avoid the Spring break rush? Avoid travelling to Cancun between February and mid April.

Step away from the minibar. Have it locked if you cannot restrain yourself!

Learn some local slang: One country’s tobacco is another country’s hash.

Don’t pay for luggage carts. Walk outside and grab one that someone left curbside.

You’re not a traveler if you can’t haggle, you’re a tourist.

When disaster strikes ( and it will!) – relax.  It’s all part of the adventure.

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