WooHoo Cancun style!

Cancun’s miles of white sandy beaches and turquoise waters are simply stunning. As locals may tell you ‘we live where u come to spring break’. I’m not a spring breaker but i can see their point. It’s hard not to love Cancun. It’s paradise on earth. It’s the jewel of the Mayan Riviera offering something for everyone, from spring-breakers looking for drunken craziness to retirees just seeking a relaxing spot in the sun. I have discovered throughout my travels to other Caribbean destinations that Cancun by far has a much livelier nightlife.

Cancun is separated into two very distinct sections (the Hotel zone and downtown) and depending where you stay you will experience a very different experience.  The hotel zone is a much ritzier, geared toward tourists, and has little in common with Mexico. Downtown is where the locals live where you will find the best food..but a 10 minute bus ride to the beach and meals roughly 1/3 the price of a comparable meal in the hotel zone!

 The pristine white sandy beaches are amazing, the tequila shots abundant and very happy.

Cancun beach

Cancun beach

I had 2 weeks in Cancun, I unknowingly booked a room at a family resort (40 minutes away from the hotel zone) online  and when I checked in, the owner saw me looking somewhat disappointed and he transferred me to their other hotel for a little extra fee l (I didn’t know where I just needed to leave asap!)

A taxi ride later and checking into the ‘other’ resort, I found myself surrounded by half-naked guests realizing it was an ‘adults’ all inclusive resort. Well, there’s a first time for everything but I will still happy to wear my board shorts and bikini top I got on sale at Myers!

After enjoying the pool and swimming in the warm Caribbean sea, I eagerly devoured my lunch at the resort restaurant. I had a delicious fresh strawberry, banana and kiwi smoothies, cheese fondue, chips loaded with spicy salsa, guacamole.

Pool at Temptation Resort

Pool at Temptation Resort

swim-up-pool, Temptation Resort

Did  somebody say ‘Booze Cruise?!!!!!’

After much deliberating of going on a Booze cruise, I decided to take the plunge.

Tequilla shots at midday seemed like the best way to settle in to Cancun.

The best thing about staying at a resort is that you can just book things last minute all at the convenience at the front desk.

Before i knew it, i was on board ‘The Caribbean Carnival”..catamaran I might add. Every one of my new best party friends was in the partying mood and the party did started as soon as we set sail.

The cruise was open-air, open bar, the drinks were excellent and despite the condition I was in once we arrived at Isla Mujeres (an island just off the coast of Cancun)…it was a perfect end to an awesome day.

 "booze cruise" on a catamaran

“booze cruise” on a catamaran

 “booze cruise” on a catamaran

We returned to Cancun 3 hours later and back to my resort. Drinks suddenly seemed like a very good idea again.

Cocktails on a stunning beach have a way of making anyone’s troubles melt away. I was in a bubbly mood again and the “Woo hoo” cocktail, partly because it sounded delicious and partly because I don’t think I could resist ordering any drink named “Woo Hoo.”

I finished my night with jello shots, fruity cocktails and lots of popcorn at Senor Frogs nightclub (I’m going to write another blog devoted entirely to this!).

After a couple of drinks I loudly announced to my fellow party goers that I was going to live here.

I didn’t mean just Cancun.

I meant the Senor Frogs nightclub specifically!

I’m still not sure how they finally got me to leave.

I will miss Cancun. The resort i stayed at, on top of having great food, offers a perfect spot from which to enjoy a cocktail while watching breath-taking sunsets over the Caribbean, and the sunsets are always breath-taking, by the way. Every day. Guaranteed!

Cancun Sunset

Cancun Sunset

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