Hacienda Uayamon – 5 hours later

Hacienda Uayamon ~ Merida, Mexico

Hacienda Uayamon

Hacienda Uayamon

My arrival in Hacienda Uayamon turned out to be nothing less than magical. This 18th century estate was on the top of my travel list and the 5 hour drive east from the coast of the Mayan Riviera just to spend 1 night on this luxury estate was well worth it! The bus ride (at least the bus i took) was far from luxurious, moved painfully slowly but is a perfectly wonderful adventure all in itself!

This resort is a timeless and special place that left me mesmorised taking me back to ancient Mayan civilization.

When I think about the history in these walls, it touches my soul. Wondering around and strolling through these old architectural treasures knowing that other significant archaeological sites such as the ancient Mayan cities of Edzna, Balamkú, and Calakmul were just around the corner!

After being restored, Hacienda Uayamon has begun its new life as a luxurious vacation rental.

I like how it has used old traditional elements but with contemporary elements too…the highlight of my stay was the pool itself and i felt like I was swimming through history. I was honored as a guest staying here.

This place oozes Mexico, from the jungle enclosed estates to the friendly and attentive staff as you dine on the open-air deck in the unhurried luxury of a authentic Mexican evening.

It’s as authentic Mexico as you can get. All I can tell you is that if you like yourself at all, even just a little, you’ll bring yourself here one day and luxuriate in this amazing place. The only thing missing are the Mayans.

Beautiful swimming pool

Beautiful swimming pool

Massage room

Massage room




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